Double Trouble: Tropical Storm Isaac and Joyce

TROPICAL Storm Isaac and Tropical Depression 10 (soon to be Tropical  Storm Joyce) are forecast to double-up in the Atlantic/Caribbean. Of the two Isaac looks to be the most destructive and TD 10/Joyce the weaker of the two. Sadly Tropical Storm Isaac seems intent on hitting as many Caribbean islands as meteorologically possible. Isaac is currently forecast to intensify into a hurricane shortly after passing through the Leeward Islands. This is potentially a big storm in an area of warm water and low shear so needs to be watched carefully. If Isaac does island-hop in the forecasted manner then its potential to intensify will become limited following transition into a full-blown hurricane. This is because hurricanes like lots of warm water […]

MSW Beta Forecast: Changes

We’ve made some fairly significant changes to the layout of your forecast page and added some new details, all in a new beta test version. It’s still a work in progress with details to be finalised but now is the time to email us your feedback. First things first though the forecast hasn’t changed! Every time we make the slightest change to this page we get told that it’s now much more/less accurate than before but we can promise that the computer model that works out the swell heading towards your local beach hasn’t changed at all for this update (and very rarely has in previous updates). However we’ve added […]

Hurricane Irene Deconstructed

This nice little image from TNC Oceanographic shows the swell from Hurricane Irene hitting Melbourne beach in Florida last week. This storm was exceptionally large for a Hurricane but had very poor direction to develop a reasonable fetch. The result, aside smaller waves than could have been the case, is the short lived nature of the swell.