Using MSW

MSW is a tool kit designed for any surfer. But without some idea how to use those tools and what they do you’re missing out on much of the value. With a little time on this site, starting in this section, you’ll be better equipped to make your own call.

Maximum Wave Height

Magicseaweed delivers some very precise information about expected swell heights at your local beach for the next ten days. However anyone who’s ever been surfing will know that even on the perfect day not every wave that comes through the line up will be the same size. We go into some detail here about this but to summarise the heights we (and every other surf forecaster around) give are ‘significant height’ which is the average of the largest third of waves. It’s close to saying the same as ‘the average height of the set waves’. Fortunately there’s a fairly good relationship between this number and the height of the largest […]

Historic Forecasts

We often get asked if it’s possible to get previous forecasts from MSW – the answer is yes – there’s long been a pretty well hidden link on your forecast page (circled on the image above) that’ll give you access to the last couple of years of data and we’ve just given this a neat little overhaul, rolling in 14 years of hour by hour data for just about every spot we list (if you can’t find complete data for your spot try one nearby, 60-80% have full data). You need to sign up to MSW to use the feature, it’s completely free and you can do that here: […]

Sea Temps and Coastal Upwelling

Your MSW forecast gives a current sea temperature for every spot we list. ┬áThe data comes from a Satellite survey. The Satellite is capable of extremely accurate readings of the surface temperature – however at maximum it’s capable of monitoring an area of about 1 Square Kilometer and the data we then receive is averaged over an area larger than this. For most of the worlds surf breaks this is a reliable guide to temperatures encountered in the surf, but there are circumstances where this isn’t the case. In some areas a phenomena know as ‘coastal upwelling‘ can cause problems. Briefly (and click the link for an article with more […]

Custom Forecasts

It’s the holy grail of surf forecasting: a detailed long range forecast for the breaking wave height at your favourite local spot that learns and improves each and every time you go to the beach… If you follow our facebook feed you might have noticed us talking about a new project called ‘MSW Social‘ – it’s your one stop spot list, session diary and photo manager all for surf. It doesn’t just work for the beaches we currently forecast for, you can add any beach, anywhere and you can get yourself a long range forecast tailored to your break. What’s more we’ve been working on a new breaking wave forecast […]