Using MSW

MSW is a tool kit designed for any surfer. But without some idea how to use those tools and what they do you’re missing out on much of the value. With a little time on this site, starting in this section, you’ll be better equipped to make your own call.

What is surf forecasting and why does it matter?

As a surfer one of the very first things you learn is that not all days are equal when it comes to waves. That perfect fun sized day, clean, waist high waves and sunny skies that got you hooked when you were first learning was something you might not have seen again for a while. Likewise when you get your skills dialled those perfect barrels are something that you have to learn to sit and wait for. Depending on where you live this game is more or less important. If you’re lucky enough to be based in Indonesia you’re blessed with consistent year round swells and weather that changes by […]

Reading Your Forecast – Waves

Heading to the forecast page for your local beach and scrolling down the page for the ‘Long Range Surf Forecast’ section you get the to most important tool set MSW has to offer, we’re going to walk you, step by step, through using this to forecast the surf at your favourite spot. Swell Rating The first thing to check is the ‘swell rating’. This isn’t a final and perfect guide to the waves you’ll see on the beach but it does give you a rough guide to the sort of power you can expect in the swell and should at least roughly correlate to your own reading of the swell […]