MSW Changes

We’re constantly working to improve the MSW forecast. Find out here what we’re up to and how it affects you and your local forecast.

Combining Swells Issue

Some feedback on the new forecast highlights cases like this where the basic overview is dramatically different – it’s worth explaining because it highlights a considerable issue with the old layout that helps explain why we’ve made the change. You can see below an image showing the differences for Cape Town this week: On the face of it a 50% larger call on the old forecast than the new one. In fact the situation is pretty simple – in both cases the model data is the same but the difference is the way we interpret the fact that there are actually two swells running: A solid SW ground swell and […]

Chart player Update

So today we’ve launched the first in a series of updates to our chart player. Couple of little details, firstly if you really want to get to grips with what a swell is up to you can now hit pause and click between swell/period/wind/pressure and the player will load in the images for that same time step. It’s really handy for checking swell height and period together, or jumping from the pressure chart to an idea of exactly what the wind will do. Not life changing but fixes one of our big frustrations with the old player. We’ve also added playback for historic charts, just hit the date selector and […]

Great Circles

The earth isn’t flat, but our charts are. When we create a flat chart to represent the curved surface of our oceans we have to choose a ‘projection’ that converts one to the other. The downside of the way we do this (and the way everyone has to do this to make maps that you’ll recognise, check this out for more information) is that a straight line on the chart isn’t the same as a direct line on the earth’s surface. This means a swell that appears to be a straight shot to your local break might actually not make it and also means the swell window for some regions […]

MSW Weekly Update

WE’VE moved to a weekly update for the website software – some weeks big, some small, but we’ll let you know what’s changing here, as always any feedback appreciated. 1st Feb 2012 Forecast Speed We’ve improved the speed of the new forecast layout, we’ll be launching this as the default forecast in the next week or two. The old forecast will be available for theĀ foreseeableĀ but we can promise you (and we get to do this for a living) that your ability to get to the right beach at the right time will be much improved with the new page. Facebook / MSW accounts We added ‘login with facebook’ so we […]