MSW Changes

We’re constantly working to improve the MSW forecast. Find out here what we’re up to and how it affects you and your local forecast.

Chart Revamp

As we work on a complete overhaul of the MSW chart player here’s a taste of some of the new charts, the changes are mostly subtle and include just straight up looking prettier, along with some small feature additions for the surf forecast connoisseur: Our favourite change is to the wind chart, laying the sea level pressure over the top of the wind gives storm spotters and forecast geeks an easier time figuring out where surf making swells are likely to occur. New swell height chart uses a new colour scale that makes differentiation at the large end of the scale easier (with new colours purple through to black) and […]

Adjust your Forecast

Our new forecast page attempts to bridge the gap between offshore swells (the source of all our surf and the key data needed to figure out your local waves) and the actual surf by adding a ‘surf’ column to the forecast which should reflect the actual breaking waves on the beach. This makes the forecast hugely more useful for the average, relatively inexperienced surfer (or surf forecaster) but does have some limitations (a lot more information here). Not least of all where we’re pretty happy with the idea that a 6ft wave is about head high but for a great many of you this same 6ft wave is double over […]

Mediterranean Surf Forecast

We’ve always aimed to offer a complete global coverage for the travelling surfer and we’ve recently been fleshing out our coverage of destinations around the world, with new areas in Indo, Vietnam, China and many more making the list. But there’s long been one big black hole in our coverage: The Mediterranean. It’s not a lack of surf – despite a reputation to the contrary this large, deep sea has regular swells and an abundance of setups, with many coasts already supporting a large surfing population. Our problem was a lack of data. We’re now running our own long range swell model, providing detailed surf forecasts and charts and covering: […]

Custom Forecasts

It’s the holy grail of surf forecasting: a detailed long range forecast for the breaking wave height at your favourite local spot that learns and improves each and every time you go to the beach… If you follow our facebook feed you might have noticed us talking about a new project called ‘MSW Social‘ – it’s your one stop spot list, session diary and photo manager all for surf. It doesn’t just work for the beaches we currently forecast for, you can add any beach, anywhere and you can get yourself a long range forecast tailored to your break. What’s more we’ve been working on a new breaking wave forecast […]