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Nazaré Heads Up – Euro Swell Alert

A significant North Atlantic storm looks increasingly likely to generate sizeable swell for next week as eyes turn to the recently announced Redbull competition at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal. Nazaré made headlines around the world last year as Garrett McNamara towed into what the Billabong XXL now recognise as the biggest wave ever surfed. A freak of undersea bathymetry creates a wave exceptional under any circumstances, but even more noteworthy for occurring as a shifting beach break peak that’s been hiding under the surf worlds radar in plain sight just miles north of the famous waves of Supertubos. This year the Zon Canyon project continues to explore the […]

Rip Curl Pro Portugal :: Thurs 18th Oct

Detailed Supertubos Forecast Data North Atlantic Forecast Charts Summary – Thursdays swell drops during the day Friday. – Repeat of Thursdays light, variable winds with onshore spells possible. – Large morning tides. Fri 19th Surf drops through the day. Light, variable winds most likely possibly onshore at times. While the swell size doesn’t drop too rapidly during the day the longer period energy that it needs to wrap into Supertubos does, meaning the surf will drop in size from first light. Tides remain a factor with that same large, dropping spring tide in the morning and low around midday. Wind: Remain light and variable which means spells of light onshore […]

Rip Curl Pro Portugal :: Wed 17th Oct

Detailed Supertubos Forecast Data North Atlantic Forecast Charts Summary – Winds ease into Thursday as the large swell peaks overnight. – Swell holds through Thursday but drops on Friday. – Lighter variable winds for the next couple of days. Thurs 18th Solid mix of swell in the 11ft@13 seconds range. Winds easing to lighter and variable. As with everything in the waiting period so far, the situation is more complex than it first appears. This evening and overnight we see today’s large, powerful local swell mix in with the oncoming longer period NW swell from the original storm and a smaller longer period northerly component. In combination the swell is similar […]

Not the Storm of the Century

We’ve got big swell on the way for the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. How does it compare to the 2009 Monster that washed away the contest area? With records extending back only so far ‘Storm of the Century’ would be a hard one to back up at the best of times. But while we’ve definitely got a robust swell approaching and frustrating onshore winds we’ve got a monster in very recent memory: The 2009 Rip Curl Search Peniche. So how does this one compare? 2012 The swell that’ll start to hit us today is really a tale of two halves. An absolute bomb low pressure formed in the Labrador Sea […]