Ex Hurricane Leslie + Europe

There’ll be very few East Coast surfers unhappy about a solid week of long period swell, however Leslie never quite reached the potential all signs pointed to as she dithered herself almost to death in the latter stages of her stall. The outlook for Europe continues the theme of fun sized long period swell on the latest forecast.

Leslie was long forecast to stall and grow. That stall was under-estimated a fraction and it’s effect in cooling the sea meant she attempted an unforseen slow and gentle storm suicide before being nudged north into warmer water again. A great storm for some end of summer surf relief and spots eating up a mid sized long period swell – but not delivering (for most areas) the peak pulse that’d have really lit up those sleeping gems needing some power.

The situation for Europe is almost similar, although equally far from bad news:

The latest model runs show a relatively high track for an powerful 964mb low formed from Ex-Leslie that has limited fetch to create large south bound surf but, none the less, sends mid sized long period waves towards the UK, France and Spain. A large high pressure system keeps local winds light, even for the UK, meaning that Europe surfers should (by coincidence) end up seeing waves very similar to their brethren the other side of the pond.

Latest swell forecasts are in the 4ft@13 seconds range from Cornwall right down to the Basque country – producing waves in the head high+ range for the better spots. However the storm doesn’t need to change track much for this to change considerably and across the 20 models we analyse to qualify our main data the range is all the way from 2ft-7ft@15 seconds – so check your local forecast as it updates for the developing picture.

Don’t forget all photos from this ex-tropical system are eligible for our Atlantic Shootout competition with the best shot winning the photog a trip to the Maldives!!!