Quik Pro Surf Forecast :: Wed 3rd Oct


– Still little change to the forecast.
– Today’s morning swell dropping a little but reinforced by a second pulse later
– Continuing confidence in generally positive winds particularly in the mornings, with afternoon onshore breezes likely and stronger on Friday if we have the forecast high temperatures.
– Still large variation in the forecast beyond Friday but Saturday looking increasingly likely for modest NW wind swell.

Wed 3rd

Swell peaking overnight and dropping into Wednesday morning. Improved wind forecast since last update.

The bulk of the first pulse of the swell will pile in with a lower period, similar direction and size a little smaller than later on Tuesday afternoon before a second pulse starts things building again later in the afternoon.

WIND: With the disruption now confirmed to sit North of Hossegor the scenario for winds has improved with this update. We’re looking at a normal risk of afternoon sea breeze. Given the relatively low Autumn temperatures the risk is moderate and will depend on the lifting of the current cloud/haze and the extent to which the beach warms later in the day.

Thurs 4th

The swell peaks over night / early morning but runs solidly through the day dropping into the afternoon in the 7ft@11 seconds range seeing continuing large surf. Winds look increasingly favourable.

Swell continues in the 7ft@11 seconds range with that lower period than earlier in the week but a very similar direction. Dropping into the afternoon but remaining solid with potential for surf in the head and a half range with occasional larger sets and that more consistent feel that comes from a lower period.

WIND: Situation similar to the last couple of days. Fresh morning offshore from the cold night temperatures with a modest risk of onshore sea breeze in the afternoons kept in check by the Autumnal temperatures we’ve been seeing. Exact timing and extent of the breeze depending on the shifting of the forecast cloud layer during the morning but unlikely to offer significant disruption.

Fri 5th

Dropping swell in the lower period range looking very similar at this stage to the swell we saw at the start of round one. Variation in the wind forecast but the possibility of a stronger afternoon onshore from a return to summer temperatures.

Dying swell in the 4-6ft@10 seconds range dropping through the day but allowing for surf in the head+ range through the day if the winds are favourable and the swell remains as currently forecast.

WIND: We expect continued morning offshores, in this case with a southerly component freshening during the morning. With a forecast return to near summer temperatures and clear skies the rapid heating of the beach during the morning carries a strong risk of a potentially disruptive onshore into the afternoon.

Sat 6th / Sun 7th

Increasing confidence in modest NW wind swell in the 3ft@9 seconds range.

Saturday looks to be a continuation of dying NW wind swell giving waves in the waist to chest+ range with hints of a smaller longer period west swell reinforcing things later in the day and a potential slight bump for Sunday. Winds generally expected to be light at this stage.