Hurricane Rafael Surf Outlook

One last hurricane: as we distract ourselves with the Rip Curl Pro Peniche the other side of the Atlantic gets a final gasp blast of Hurricane Rafael swell.

While the Eastern Atlantic continues with as complicated a run of charts as we can remember (albeit with a positive move to some solid Winter low pressure systems), tropical storm activity looks to provide a decent end of season distraction on the other side of the Atlantic:

Outlook for Thursday 18th this week.

With swell showing first on the Outer Banks then long period hitting from Florida all the way to Nova Scotia it’ll be relatively short-lived but decent enough while it lasts. Peaking in the 6-7ft@14 seconds range at the best of it giving waves head-and-a-half to double overhead at exposed spots capable of handling that size. This is of course only if it behaves as currently believed. ¬†On that front the NHC are really confident in the 72hr forecast, unusually so given some of the odd ball storms we’ve had this season, and think this forecast is relatively unlikely to change.