Rip Curl Pro Portugal :: Tues 16th Oct

Detailed Supertubos Forecast Data
North Atlantic Forecast Charts


– Onshore conditions Tuesday night / Wednesday fresh to strong at times.
– Swell peaks Thursday with suggestions of lighter winds from the NW.
– Dropping swell in the large range on Friday with lighter winds continuing.

Wed 17th

New swell builds with fresh onshore winds strongest overnight and again towards the evening.

With Portugal sitting right on the edge of the low pressure system we’re not going to see exceptional winds, but fresh to strong SW is likely overnight on Tuesday and again at times later on Wednesday. Swell builds to a solid 11ft@13 seconds from the WNW.

Thurs 18th

Winds improve on each update as the storm moves north but still conflicting information and risk of lighter onshore at times. Peak of the swell, smaller than on previous updates but still solid.

Swell is dropping slightly on the latest updates on previous forecasts but still looking very robust in the 10-12ft@14 seconds range. For size and power this is similar to the peak of the 2011 contest swell but at a more westerly angle, suggesting conditions in that range.

The latest wind updates have all been very encouraging with the models suggesting the storm will start to move north and weaken. However there are still suggestions of a weaker onshore westerly airflow during this period. So the outlook remains mixed, but increasingly less likely to see a continuation of strong SW winds as we had expected.

Fri 19th

Large swell eases through the day. With light, variable winds most likely.

Friday see’s Thursdays peak NW swell drop back slightly for dawn and fall further and relatively quickly through the day as a reinforcing pulse form the North fills in but with little impact at Supertubos.

Winds outlook is again mixed at this range but with no indication of significant disruption.

Sat 20th

End of the NW swell with light variable winds most likely potentially strengthening in the afternoon.

The final dying gasps of the large NW swell drop during the day, although the angle allows for modest surf as a result.

Sun 21st

Ex-Hurricane Rafael risks impacting the coast with strong southerly winds.

The National Hurricane Centre are still suggesting that low pressure forming around the remnants of Hurricane Rafael will impact the coast with strong Southerly winds possible.