Rip Curl Pro Portugal :: Thurs 18th Oct

Detailed Supertubos Forecast Data

North Atlantic Forecast Charts


– Thursdays swell drops during the day Friday.
– Repeat of Thursdays light, variable winds with onshore spells possible.
– Large morning tides.

Fri 19th

Surf drops through the day. Light, variable winds most likely possibly onshore at times.

While the swell size doesn’t drop too rapidly during the day the longer period energy that it needs to wrap into Supertubos does, meaning the surf will drop in size from first light.

Tides remain a factor with that same large, dropping spring tide in the morning and low around midday.

Wind: Remain light and variable which means spells of light onshore are possible as on Thursday. Some hint of the same moderate SE winds in the morning.


High 6:01AM 3.2m
Low 12:11PM 0.4m
High 6:31PM 3m

Sat 20th

Small NW swell loses all power to make a contestable wave at Supertubos. Head high at Belgas.

Saturday morning sees small waves at best dropping further through the day. Belgas will be head high.

Sun 21st

Powerful westerly Ex-Hurricane swell looks likely, but problem winds a high risk.

A powerful westerly swell from Ex-Hurricane Rafael fills in rapidly comfortably double overhead on the better sets on the latest numbers. The risks are twofold – firstly the storm still needs to take a predicted easterly turn to guarantee this size and power. Secondly all major weather agencies are forecasting this storm to create another low pressure system bringing strong winds to Europe, with the likelihood for a strong, disruptive SW / S / SE most likely in Peniche.