Atlantic 928mb

After a succession of deep Atlantic lows each with a black blob in the centre of the chart (48ft+ waves) we’re scheduled another blast of hurricane strength swell for the weekend

Hurricane Katrina entered a shortlist of the strongest storms on landfall with a central low pressure of 920mb. This storm, as currently forecast, bottoms out at a Hurricane strength 928mb in prime spot in the centre of the Atlantic. With all major models and variants offering confidence in this scenario over the next 48hrs we’re expecting a significant European swell event starting on Sunday 27th and likely giving contestable conditions for the Mullaghmore tow event.

While the storm will track east over Ireland the centre will stay north meaning a reasonably reliable forecast of fresh to strong winds from the west or southwest with swell potentially exceeding 20ft@18 seconds at the peak.

Moving south the swell piles into the Basque country on Monday and hits Portugal at the same time. Nazare cops another massive blast, forecast at almost twice the size of the swell paddled by Shane Dorian recently – again offering some XXL and record breaking potential to anyone able to negotiate the shifting peak and shore dump.