Mediterranean Surf Forecast

We’ve always aimed to offer a complete global coverage for the travelling surfer and we’ve recently been fleshing out our coverage of destinations around the world, with new areas in Indo, Vietnam, China and many more making the list. But there’s long been one big black hole in our coverage: The Mediterranean.

It’s not a lack of surf – despite a reputation to the contrary this large, deep sea has regular swells and an abundance of setups, with many coasts already supporting a large surfing population. Our problem was a lack of data. We’re now running our own long range swell model, providing detailed surf forecasts and charts and covering:

Spain, France, The Balerics, Malta + Gozo, Israel, Greece, Italy

Most of these areas are already online and the rest coming in the next few days. We’ve also got detailed Stormrider Surf Guide information for every region and spot available, just click the ‘Spot Guide’ tab on your forecast. The data has been validating well, although we’re still considering the forecast to be in it’s infancy and we’re constantly checking it carefully. Let us know if you’d like enhanced coverage for your local area or any other feedback on this new forecast.