Historic Forecasts

We often get asked if it’s possible to get previous forecasts from MSW – the answer is yes – there’s long been a pretty well hidden link on your forecast page (circled on the image above) that’ll give you access to the last couple of years of data and we’ve just given this a neat little overhaul, rolling in 14 years of hour by hour data for just about every spot we list (if you can’t find complete data for your spot try one nearby, 60-80% have full data). You need to sign up to MSW to use the feature, it’s completely free and you can do that here:


Now you can check out every swell for every bit of coast for more than a decade in the past, figure out exactly what conditions created classic waves and get an area dialled.

For example, August 17th 2000 at Teahupoo – Laird’s unforgettable monster wave