Chart Revamp

As we work on a complete overhaul of the MSW chart player here’s a taste of some of the new charts, the changes are mostly subtle and include just straight up looking prettier, along with some small feature additions for the surf forecast connoisseur:

Wind Chart

Our favourite change is to the wind chart, laying the sea level pressure over the top of the wind gives storm spotters and forecast geeks an easier time figuring out where surf making swells are likely to occur.

Swell Height Chart

New swell height chart uses a new colour scale that makes differentiation at the large end of the scale easier (with new colours purple through to black) and adds better looking arrows scaling with the swell size.

Surf Height Chart

The new surf height chart combines period and height to give an idea of potential breaking wave size, mirroring the new breaking wave forecast on your local spot page and making it easier to spot surfable swells at a glance.

Swell Period Chart

The new period chart is just a prettier version of the old one, with swell direction arrows included.

Jet Stream Chart

The Jet Stream influences the development and movement of sea level pressure systems and using these new charts we can get a longer range glimpse at the likely path of storm systems over the next couple of weeks.