MSW Weekly Update

WE’VE moved to a weekly update for the website software – some weeks big, some small, but we’ll let you know what’s changing here, as always any feedback appreciated.

1st Feb 2012

Forecast Speed

We’ve improved the speed of the new forecast layout, we’ll be launching this as the default forecast in the next week or two. The old forecast will be available for theĀ foreseeableĀ but we can promise you (and we get to do this for a living) that your ability to get to the right beach at the right time will be much improved with the new page.

Facebook / MSW accounts

We added ‘login with facebook’ so we could start to integrate our ‘social’ session recording and sharing app. with the main website. If you’ve got an existing MSW account and want to log in with facebook go to User Account > Connect Account on the top right of the page to join the two accounts together and merge all your existing photos etc. with your new FB account.

Breaking Wave Height Adjustments

You can now log in and adjust breaking wave height settings on the forecast with your normal MSW account OR a Facebook account.